Michelob Ultra Courtside


March of 2020. The consequences of Corona Virus start to dawn on people. Cities go on lockdown. Face masks become mandatory. Sports leagues get canceled and the NBA announces that, if games resume, it will be with no fans. Everyone goes crazy. Lebron James famously says that "without fans, I ain't playin". 
As a brand that stands for enjoyment, Michelob Ultra had to do something to bring fans and athletes together. Michelob Ultra Courtside is the result of an unprecedented partnership between ABI, the NBA and Microsoft. Below you have a teaser and some highlights of the experience. Case study coming soon.

Role: CCO

Whopper Detour


Burger King needed to promote their new app with order ahead functionality. So, we created a Whopper that people could only order at McDonald's, though the BK app. 
Whopper Detour generated 4.5 million app downloads and made the BK app the number one on both IOS and Android stores for several days. A result 40 times better than BK's previous record.

Role: ECD

The Baby Stroller Test-ride


Buying a baby stroller is not an easy task. Parents can never know which is the safest and most comfortable model because, obviously, they haven't been in a stroller for decades. To solve that we created the Contours Baby Stroller Test-Ride; an adult version of Contours Bliss that allows parents to experience the comfort of the best stroller there is.
The Contours Baby Stroller Test-Ride started in Chicago and is now being taken to different cities around America.

Role: Creative/CD



The demand for organic food has been growing exponentially. But only 1% of American farmland is organic.Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, as the number one organic beer in the country, had to take a stance. 6for6-pack is a holistic business approach, launched on the world's biggest stage, that shows that the biggest companies in the world can lead the way to change the planet for the better.

Role: ECD

Stay Home of the Whopper


Sometimes, the heroic thing to do is to do nothing.

Role: CCO